Happy painting again

I am finally back to painting after quite a while.  Very busy working on two commissions, as one is drying and am working on the other.  Feels good to be back in the swing of things.  As I finish I will be posting the photos here.

My cat was at it again this afternoon, a small fly got caught between the window (it was open about two inches) and screen, my Isis was on windowsill on her hind legs and with her paw tried to get inbetween the glass and screen from the top of the bottom window.  I couldn't believe she figured that out instead of going under where the window was open at the bottom.  She left the room, so I took a tissue and caught the fly, not knowing she came back and saw me.  Then she spent the next few minutes checking around the floor for the fly.  Sometimes I think she thinks too much for a cat - LOL.  Of course I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch this!

I am up at this wonderful hour because for some reason I cannot get to sleep.

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My cat Isis (my avatar is a pastel painting of her) is four years old. Recently she has begun to knead me with her paws. She has never done that before. I asked a friend of mine, who is a vet technician, what this means and the reply was "This means that she loves you". And I responded "It took her four years to decide that?" - LOL

I haven't been really painting much the last few months, but now I am working on two commissions. So when they are finished I will be adding more originals to my store at Etsy.

Have been thinking about making notecards with my cat paintings...hmmm something to think about.