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I is tired

 I decided to take a cat nap this afternoon, and Isis also decided she would take one with me, which is usually fine, she snuggles up and snoozes until I wake up.  She is so soft and comfy I love to nap with her.

WELL, today this wasn't the case, she kept going under the sheet then on top to make a nest of the blanket, gave herself a wash, decided to go underneath again, shoved my arm out of the way so she could get comfortable.  I thought I was all set, and getting nice and drowzy and lo and behold! she has to move AGAIN.  Wanted to get on the other side of me on top of the blanket etc, that didn't satisfy her so under the sheet she went again, pushing me this way and that so she could really stretch out her legs, so once again I was ready to fall off, and she changes her mind again, curved into my stomach and when she does that I am to put my arm around her.  She went to sleep finally, and I was lying there wide awake by this time.... so I gave up, no cat nap for me, but for cat - yes!  

So I left this little mound under the sheet and snuck away.  Now I have to go over my sheets with the hair remover brush before I go to bed tonight, and I didn't even get to rest never mind nap!
Tags: cat antics, cat nap, cat snoozing

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