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Okay - Isis is at it again!

My Isis gets in so much trouble - she is just too curious.  I was on IM with my daughter this afternoon and everything died, computer, printer, half of cable box - everything!  Isis had been "snuggling" at my feet under the desk as she sometimes does.

I took out cable from front of hard drive, otherwise I can't move it as cable is not really long enough, dragged it out and nothing was disconnected.  I checked everything, got down on my hands and knees under desk, and lo and behold, just thought to check my power surge thingy, and sure enough the switch had been turned off.
   Of course when I started to do this Isis flew out of the room and starting washing herself in the hallway trying to look innocent but still close enough to the door so she could watch me.  I swear she was laughing at me!!!!!   I see no way I can keep her from my switches, she turns on the radio all the time for her rock music, and now she is turning off the switch on the power surge - I guess when she sees a switch she just cannot resist tapping it with her very flexible and cute paws!  

She has been playing with my pole lamp too, I have to lean it against the couch now, the screw in part is stripped, probably from her pushing at it all the time.  My other one was not as sturdy and it finally fell apart Isis pushed it over so many times.  So this one is obviously succumbing to her attentions also, and it is a heavy one but obviously where pole joins base is not really cat proof - LOL.

Earlier I put out my paints, palette and had my easel with painting on it ready to go - before I finished computer stuff, she had the tinfoil on the floor and I could see a white paw tapping around edge of drawer from underneath (it is my new french easel) looking for stuff to check out!  When I told her no, she attacked my foot, wrapped herself around my ankle and gave me a little love bite on my bare skin, and least I think it was a love bite and not a warning.  Obviously feels if I am not going to paint then she will.  In the past she had one orange paw and one green one, wasn't happy about the cleanup of those paws but that hasn't stopped her from being very interested in the painting process.

I am going to make my dinner now, and realize I will have to paint when she naps just like I did when my children were small, because lately she keeps putting her fingers (toes?) around the paint brush that I am holding, she just wants to help.  She has a wide spread of her fingers and they are also quite long, so she has a grip on her.
Tags: cat antics, cat chatting, painting

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