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My Isis is back!

Isis is doing very well today.  And yes, she is driving me crazy again.  Back to brushing routine.  Yesterday she let me know it is all my fault, she had been lecturing to me every few minutes, meowing and howling and chirping with head swinging up and down and back and forth, was even pacing the floor at one point while complaining. 

Drama queen is back! YAY!!!!!!!  And is blaming me for everything, I can tell - she is just too funny even if it is true that I never should have taken her there. With the brushing going on here I guess she wants to make up for the three days she wouldn't let me near her.  Intestinal tract functioning normally now and she is eating and drinking.  Keeps washing her paws more than usual so I think that it is possible they were pinched too hard when being clipped, because they are all healed but she is not jumping around or getting up on her condo yet, so looks like they must feel tender to her, but getting much better.  So life is good for her again - and for me!

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