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My cat is not happy - groomed like a dog

A new groomer moved into town (Precious Pets, Winthrop MA), I went in twice to talk to them about grooming my Isis.  So yesterday I took my Isis to the groomer yesterday and they groomed her like a dog!!! I am soooo angry, They did a very poor job of it. They clipped her nails down to the bed, most of them bled, so now she cannot climb up her condo until they grow again, plus they are painful. Her lovely soft furry tummy got a botched job of shaving like a dog but it didn't work with her fur. Cut her long hair to barely 2 inches long. She has this lovely ruff around her neck like a lion and it was thinned out and trimmed way down where it is close to her face so she doesn't have "chipmunk cheeks" anymore. I would be just really upset about the cut (they were supposed to just brush her out, but it will grow back eventually), but I am absolutely enraged about traumatizing her.

She usually howls and talks and chatters to me. It took until 9pm last night for her respiration to get back to normal, isn't talking except for tiny chirps when she catches my eye, she huddled in the corner of the couch and finally threw up around 11pm last night (and litter box not a pretty sight if you know what I mean). This morning for first time she let me touch her toes without crying, but didn't like it and pulled away from me - they really hurt her. Playing toesies is one of our games. I clip her nails weekly and brush her daily, no knots or matts on her. No need to groom her down and do a lousy job besides.  Still not talking this morning and keeps needing to touch me like leaning against my leg here, or lying in my lap, and I am not used to this silence from her.... my poor baby.

Last night I almost burst into tears seeing her suffering mentally and physically. And I paid $65 plus tip for this? She was already crated when I went to get her and they said she was really well behaved - HELLO?- she is a ragdoll they are non-aggressive, but I know Isis well enough where she would have reacted to having her nail bed cut.  I didn't know about all of this until I got home - plus her little bumhole wasn't cleaned properly.   

I am composing a letter to them, I do not trust myself to go and talk to them in person.  I am a very nice and passive person but not when one of mine is hurt.

BEFORE (photo I took for Tracey's birthday):



SAD EYES (this morning):

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