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My cat Isis the ragdoll

 June 26th
Well I have always known my cat is a little different - she tries to help me paint by tapping the canvas with her paw, grabbing the paint brush when I am holding it and "helping" me to paint - LOL.  Wakes me up in the morning by turning on the radio - older model Bose that has the buttons on top so she presses them until she gets a rock station.

Well we have this ongoing musical war, I like classical, new age, opera etc..... my cat Isis loves rock in any shape or form.  Whenever I have my music on she howls (part Siamese) not to sing along but trying to drown it out - now I know where the phrase catterwailing (sp?) comes from.  Last night she was snoozing on the rug in the art studio in front of the desk, this is so I will trip over her and gives her an excuse to pretend I am trying to kill her she howls so loud.... anyway, I was in the living room channel surfing on my new HD TV to see what the extra channels were like.    One was "Unplugged" and the Black Crows were playing, the minute they came on Isis came flying into the living room, jumped up onto her condo, looked at me with loving eyes, chirped at me, and promptly lay down and went to sleep to her favorite kind of music.

So what was a good slave supposed to do?  I could not stand listening to it, so went to my studio where the computer is and spent some time browsing the internet.

This morning was looking out the window and chatting about the birds and everything she could see out there.  Sometimes I wish she would keep quiet for a bit - LOL.  Thankfully right now she is sleeping - whew!

Still going strong and not smoking.  I don't think about it very much anymore, so won't be doing a journal on it as much as I thought I would.
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