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Today is Good!

My Grand Luxe French Easel arrived today - yippee I am excited - just in time for me to sign up for the plein air seascape painting group on Saturday, the local art assoc I belong to is doing it.  

I couldn't sign up before this because didn't have an easel to work with that is light enough for me to carry - this one is heavier than they said but not by much.  I am sooo looking forward to this - haven't been able to do this in years.

Will show photo of what I do (if it comes out okay that is) heh heh.  Will have my camera with me so will have pics of the day.  Weather is supposed to be lovely, haven't checked tide chart yet so don't know what the surf will be like.  Hoping for some interesting clouds over the water.....
Tags: painting, plein air, seascape

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